Monthly Archives: January 2008

Day 4

My kitchen counter when Gavin was sick.

Day 3

Here’s the praying angel that Taylor gave me, in front of the photo of two of the people who mean the most to me in the whole world. Lisa just had her baby on Monday night and Mindy is a new aunt. We were all friends in college and now they are sisters-in-law because they married brothers. Lisa met her husband at Mindy’s wedding – how cool is that? Speaking of cool, I love that a little bit of some of my favourite people is captured in this picture.

Day 2

This photo is from our morning dog walk. I wanted to get a photo of the buds or new leaves on the trees, or of the flowers that are starting to come up in the woods. But they didn’t turn out very nicely. I was goofing around and stuck my camera in the grass…at least it’s in focus. I suppose it sort of shows the Spring-i-ness that is starting to pop up – the new green grass is pushing up through the dead brown grass. Do you know what I like about flowers, bulb-type flowers? When they come up they don’t just push the dead leaves out of their way, they spear them. It’s as though the tender green leaves are actual blades.

Day 1

I’ve been working on Project 365, with a goal to capture one photo from each day of my life over the next year. After looking at someone else’s on WordPress I decided that this would be the best format. So, let us begin…