Monthly Archives: February 2008

Day 33

When Gavin was living in the UK and I was living in the US, I used to post at least one photo a day for him.  Sometimes, it was boring things like the contents of the vacuum cleaner or my breakfast.  But most of the time it was photos of the cats or posed portraits of the dog.  Here’s a throwback to those days.

Day 32

Evelyn loves to hang out in the laundry basket and take rides up and down the stairs on laundry day.

Day 31

These are the back stairs at the Bristol Cathedral. I love that they are so well worn. I guess the monks used to walk up and down these stairs many times each day to go to their prayers.

Day 30

Here is my street.

Day 29

My great-grandfather painted this picture. Sorry I’m reflected in the glass.

Day 28

This bronze lion is from the statues in front of the Victoria Rooms at the top of Park Street. We walk past it all the time.

Day 27

We went to Slimbridge Wetland Centre today.  There were thousands of birds there – swans, geese, ducks.  Most were semi-domesticated.  Well, domesticated in the way that zoo animals are domesticated.  They even flocks of different breeds of flamingos.

Day 26

Bodmin again. Sleeping in the rocking chair.

Day 25

I know. I know. It’s a gross generalization. But this cartoon summarizes Gavin’s feelings about his country. I suppose, since he’s actually the English one, he’s allowed to say that. You can throw your tomatoes at him.

Day 24

Do you know what makes this project difficult?   Some days you’ll take 10 good and interesting pictures, but you only need one.  Other days, you’ll leave your camera in pocket all day long, finally take it out and end up with a blurry and uninspired picture.  Today is one of those days.  But at least I’ve managed to get a photo every day so far.

(It’s Evelyn’s belly on the living room carpet, in case you couldn’t figure it out.)