Daily Archives: February 5, 2008

Day 9

This is the big field that Weston runs in at Eastwood Park. I’m standing on the top of a hill that is covered in brambles, where I picked all my blackberries last summer. In the valley, beyond the first set of trees is the River Avon (one of them).

Eastwood Park was Eastwood Farm (part of it still is), until the 70s. At that point, the city purchased it. To turn into a beautiful park for the public to enjoy? Never! To turn into a garbage dump! This field is actually a landfill. The property was not turned into a park until relatively recently. Our friends, who have lived here for about 20 years, said that puffs of “smoke” used to come up from vents in the field and they never used it as a park. The smoke has died off now and there is no smell, so it makes a pretty nice place to run the dog.