Day 22

It’s not the best photo, but here are Bodmin (the black one) and Zora (the stripey one).   We got them at the same time, as kittens, 5 years ago.  They used to be best buddies.  Now, since they started to go outside, Bodmin growls every time she see Zora.  Quite sad, really.

I figured I should get a photo of them, since Weston seems to be hogging the limelight.

One response to “Day 22

  1. How weird! When we moved in November we started letting our cats outside for the first time and Keaira (our black cat) hates Autumn now and will growl and hiss at her. She even takes swipes at her sometimes! That’s so weird that the same thing happened with your kitties. I know what you mean about it being sad. I feel so bad for my other kitty.

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