Monthly Archives: February 2008

Day 23

My mother and I took Evelyn to Weston-Super-Mare today.  Weston is one of the classic (though not Victorian) seaside resort towns.  We had fish and chips for lunch, then looked at the donkeys and walked on the pier.  It was really cold.

Day 22

It’s not the best photo, but here are Bodmin (the black one) and Zora (the stripey one).   We got them at the same time, as kittens, 5 years ago.  They used to be best buddies.  Now, since they started to go outside, Bodmin growls every time she see Zora.  Quite sad, really.

I figured I should get a photo of them, since Weston seems to be hogging the limelight.

Day 21

Gavin’s side-burn. Why? 365 different photos over the next year. That’s why.

Day 20

Litter. There is so much of it in our city. It is quite sad really. Bags in trees are not an uncommon sight. Sometimes they’re even filled with dog poo (apparently not everyone fully understands the pooper scooper laws). I’ve read that in Ireland they call bags in trees “witches’ knickers”. That’s all I can think of to say about bags.

Day 19

Evelyn started eating this week and, as I’m both lazy and still have issues with the force feeding we had to do right after she was born, she will be feeding herself. Friday we all had broccoli for dinner.

Day 18

I couldn’t be bothered to take a photo today, so you’re stuck looking at this. I have no idea how Weston managed to pull a diaper down onto his back, but he seemed to think it made lovely blanket.

Day 17

I think this is the first set of paperwork we’ve ever filed with USCIS. It was always INS when we were doing things before. I think it was under the Department of Homeland Security once, for the last petition, to remove the conditions from Gavin’s green card. Citizenship 2012 – that’s our new motto – and we’ll never have to deal with it again after that.

Day 16

Since everyone else was taking photos of horses, I thought I’d join in. Unfortunately, as you may be able to tell from the muzzle, my horse is not wild. He (she?) lives at Eastwood Farm.

Day 15

Another thing I love over here…the sky. It seems strange that the sky can look so different in different parts of the world, but it really does. I love the sky in Bristol and I loved it in Swansea. I doesn’t ever become dramatic, like the green thunderstorm skies or black snowstorm skies in New York, but there are days when it is the most gorgeous blue.

Day 14

I love English (and Welsh) springs. They start so early and last for such a long time. The snowdrops and crocuses are up already and a few daffodils have even blossomed. Meanwhile, my parents are back in the US on a snowmobile trip!