Monthly Archives: March 2008

Day 64

The back of our house at twilight.  It doesn’t get dark until 8pm now, and it’s getting later and later every day.

Day 63

Gavin and Weston played with a stick on our walk today.  It was really warm and, since yesterday was the start of British Summer Time (clocks forward), it was still bright out at dinner time.  I hope spring is here for good.

Day 62

We walked down to the river this morning and fed the birds in the lagoon. I think this swan may have lost its mate. Or maybe this is the male and female is stuck sitting on a nest in the reeds. I hope so, because I think swans mate for life and it would be sad to think he’s alone forever now.

Day 61

There’s a rainbow in the sky.  We get a lot of rainbows here.

Day 60

Don’t the clouds look pretty?

Day 59

Michelle takes some really cool close-up photos of everyday things.  Here’s my attempt.  Not nearly as cool.   But what the photo is of is pretty exciting.  My mother got me a subscription to Cooking Light magazine.  I love that magazine because it always has great recipes in it.  I think the “Light” part of the name is a bit of a misnomer because they just aim to have recipes that will fit into meals to meet the current dietary recommendations.  So it’s mostly normal food, not diet food.  I already made the curry-spiced sweet potatoes.  Mmmmm.

Day 58

Yet another sign of spring. Does anyone know if bees take a little time between becoming bees and being able to fly properly? We have one or two each day that seem grounded in our lawn – I was wondering if they’re “newborns”.