Day 69

We live near the only allotments in the whole city that allow animals.  Most people just have chickens (or cockerels/roosters) , but these guys have a goat.  There are a couple of horses back there, as well.  Allotments are a pretty interesting concept and I wonder why you don’t see them so much in US cities.  Probably because a lot of people in most cities have at least a small yard of their own where they could grow vegetables.  Oh well.


2 responses to “Day 69

  1. I didn’t know people could have animals on allotments! That’s very cool!

    (There was one thing of allotments in Providence, but they called it a community garden. It worked the same way, though.)

  2. Are allotments owned by individuals, or shared by people? We have lots of community gardens, but they’re shared. I think people would be a bit peeved if someone kept a goat in one!

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