Day 84

I think there are three churches in this reflection.  I read that Bristol was a city of churches and pubs, and before the tall modern buildings came in you would be within eyesight of at least one church spire no matter where you were standing in the city.  Now, most of the churches are unused, derelict, or repurposed.  Many of the “active” buildings have so few people in their congregations that it is obvious they’ll be shutting soon.  And as new church “plants” are started around the city they’re more likely to be housed in rented halls and school gyms.


2 responses to “Day 84

  1. That’s a really cool photo! It kind of reminds me of the old and new John Hancock Buildings in Boston – you see the old one reflected in the mirrory-shininess of the new one just opposite it.

  2. I was thinking along the same lines as Helen. The old reflected in the new. Great pic!

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