Day 87

Being less wealthy than we’d like, we shop at Lidl. Luckily, that means we can still afford junk. Just not brand name junk. I highly recommend that you never purchase Rusti-Chips. They are icky and nothing like Pringles. Crusti-Croc brand snacks, on the other hand, are pretty good and they make some American-ish potato chips and pretzels.

(I am loath to put this into the “food” category, but I will.)


One response to “Day 87

  1. I’ll remember to stay away from the Rusti-Chips (nice name! heehee!). They do look as if they ought to taste like Pringles. My favourite Lidl snack is Snacky Cracky! Those little cheesy cracker thing? Delish!

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