Monthly Archives: April 2008

Day 87

Being less wealthy than we’d like, we shop at Lidl. Luckily, that means we can still afford junk. Just not brand name junk. I highly recommend that you never purchase Rusti-Chips. They are icky and nothing like Pringles. Crusti-Croc brand snacks, on the other hand, are pretty good and they make some American-ish potato chips and pretzels.

(I am loath to put this into the “food” category, but I will.)


Day 86

There’s a farm in the park near our house, where we walk Weston.  They breed pigs each spring and each winter the pigs “disappear”.  These are the not so little piglets.  They’re still in with their mother, but should be moving to the big pen soon.

Day 85

I tried to do a self-portrait with the timer.  I had some trouble with the focus and didn’t feel like spending too much time in the rain working on it, but the result is an interesting image at least.  Evelyn’s head looks like a little cone-head tumor.

Day 84

I think there are three churches in this reflection.  I read that Bristol was a city of churches and pubs, and before the tall modern buildings came in you would be within eyesight of at least one church spire no matter where you were standing in the city.  Now, most of the churches are unused, derelict, or repurposed.  Many of the “active” buildings have so few people in their congregations that it is obvious they’ll be shutting soon.  And as new church “plants” are started around the city they’re more likely to be housed in rented halls and school gyms.

Day 83

I love how animals sometimes leave their tongues dangling out the tiniest bit while they relax.  My cats do it too.

Day 82

A photo of my giant baby, about to pounce on my face.

Day 81

This is a public footpath sign and it is my friend.  As a car-less person in the city, it means I get to take shortcuts instead of having to follow the roads everywhere.  In the countryside it means I get to go for really nice walks across land that is otherwise private.