Monthly Archives: April 2008

Day 84

I think there are three churches in this reflection.  I read that Bristol was a city of churches and pubs, and before the tall modern buildings came in you would be within eyesight of at least one church spire no matter where you were standing in the city.  Now, most of the churches are unused, derelict, or repurposed.  Many of the “active” buildings have so few people in their congregations that it is obvious they’ll be shutting soon.  And as new church “plants” are started around the city they’re more likely to be housed in rented halls and school gyms.

Day 83

I love how animals sometimes leave their tongues dangling out the tiniest bit while they relax.  My cats do it too.

Day 82

A photo of my giant baby, about to pounce on my face.

Day 81

This is a public footpath sign and it is my friend.  As a car-less person in the city, it means I get to take shortcuts instead of having to follow the roads everywhere.  In the countryside it means I get to go for really nice walks across land that is otherwise private.

Day 80

I can’t believe I’m on day 80 already. Here’s some rubbish from our dog walk.

Day 79

I decided to play with the color settings on my camera because I’m feeling a bit bored photographing things on my dog walk.

Day 78

This is the Clifton Suspension Bridge, designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel (love that name).  I always seem to go when the tide is out, so the tidal river below looks like a tiny stream with giant muddy banks.  What else can I tell you about this bridge?  There are placards with the Samaritans‘ phone number at each end.  I know it’s not funny at all, but I can’t help but find some degree of dark humor in it.  I wonder if they’ve ever helped anyone.

Day 77

I’m not quite sure how to feel about this photo. I think I’m glad that I took it, because these were the only ones I took yesterday. But, knowing now that it must be my photo of the day, I’m a little disappointed that Evelyn and I decided to play with the camera before we’d at least gotten dressed!

Day 76

Life would be so much fun if you could make babies pose. Instead, you have to take a thousand shots and hope you get a good one. I love this one of Evelyn looking thoroughly shocked by whatever her father is doing off frame. Even if I could make her pose, I would never have asked her to do this!

Day 75

This is the city of Bristol looking down from the top of Sandy Park.  I’m really looking forward to getting out of the city when we move back to the US.