Monthly Archives: May 2008

Day 125

We trimmed the bushes.

Day 124

We all got dressed up for a wedding today.  Some of us took the day more seriously than others.

Day 123

The lost son.

Day 122

Cutting up raw meat is my least favorite part of cooking. Not sure why.

Oh, wait. That’s not true. Cleaning up afterwards is my least favorite part of cooking.

Day 121

Evelyn loves boxes.  Can you believe that she can get in and out of this on her own?  She can also climb out of the bathtub on her own.  Well, she can climb up on the edge and fall off (if I’d let her).  I used to stick her in the tub when I wanted to do something, like brush my teeth.  Sadly, that little time saver is no more.

Day 120

This is what the kitchen table looks like when you wash the baby before you wash the dishes.

Day 119

My evening snack.

Day 118

The spare bedroom has become Moving Central.

Day 117

It’s me.  Balded.

Day 116

Four of Gavin’s many cds.