Day 107

It seems that someone out there feels my blog misrepresents my neighborhood as a “recreational wonderland” when, in fact, I live right on the edge of a rather large council estate that butts up to an industrial estate.  Apparently, she feels that having visited my home before gives her the knowledge needed to make such sweeping judgements.  😛

Unfortunately, I must confess that she is right.  I don’t live in a recreational wonderland, though most of my photos seems to be showing lovely greenery and happy farm animals.  To be fair, I do walk through the green stuff every day and those animals really do live near my house.   But, you have to remember that the farm where Weston runs every day is an old garbage dump.  And those cows live right on the industrial estate.  You’ve seen pictures of my street before, so here’s the view out my front window.  It’s pretty darn ugly where I live, so I try to show you the pretty stuff.  Makes me pay more attention to it as well.


4 responses to “Day 107

  1. Maybe if the road to your house went through the ‘recreational wonderland’ I wouldn’t be so confused by your pictures! But then…I guess it wouldn’t be a recreational wonderland anymore. I will say you do have a nice big garden that I envy! My cat would have grass envy.

  2. I should have photographed the groups of drunk people walking down my street swearing at 3:30 this morning – if they aren’t proof of a recreational wonderland, I don’t know what it. Luckily enough, I’m sure they’ll be back on Thursday, if not tonight. Gotta love second chances.

  3. I like to photograph the pretty stuff, too. There’s nothing wrong with that!

  4. If you don’t mind, I’ll continue with my belief that you live in a recreational wonderland. Old garbage dumps or not, it’s still pretty darn pretty!

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