Monthly Archives: July 2008

Day 187

First signs of fall.

Day 186

Gavin.  Cheerful, as always.  (Sorry, forgot to take a photo until bedtime again.)

Day 185

On our way home from the interview we stopped in to see a few of my old co-workers.

Day 184

We went to WNY so that Gavin could go to an interview.  I forgot to take a picture until I was putting the baby to bed, so you get to see the lovely fan on the ceiling of my friend’s daughter’s bedroom.

Day 183

These deer were hanging out at the pavilion where our family reunion was held.  I supposed getting to see them is one of the advantages of showing up on time (i.e. long before everyone else).

Day 182

My family hiked up Cold Hill yesterday.  Here’s my little mountaineer and some relatives.

Day 181

Evelyn loves running up and down the path between the two houses.