Monthly Archives: August 2008

Day 218

Grandma has taken up knitting.

Day 217

The yellow version of that flower whose name I can’t remember.

Day 216

Gavin and I went on another date.  Our dates are very exciting these days and consist of leaving Evelyn at home in bed, with my parents listening for her to wake up, while we go get gas station “cappucino” and walk around by the water.

Day 215


Day 214


Day 213

4H sheep – all groomed and ready for the show.

Day 212

Makes a change from mushrooms.

Day 211

I think I may be developing a mushroom obsession.

Day 210

The last one was too boring for you?  How about a mushroom that looks just like a dog poo standing on end?

Day 209

This mushroom is pretty normal looking, but it’s a nice color.  They can’t all be weird looking.