Monthly Archives: September 2008

Day 232

Apparently what’s good for the fungi is good for the spiders…there are so many this year it’s unbelievable.

Day 231

Evelyn is watching the Firemen’s Parade.

Day 230

It’s nice that there are farmers willing to haul their harvests up here once a week.  The farmer’s market just started this year.

Day 229

There were tons of these spiderwebs covered in dew in the ditch before the sun hit them.

Day 228

No photo today.  I’m pretty sad about my camera breaking and have been using mine and my parents’ alternately.  I’m conflicted about what to do with mine.  I could replace the LCD or wait until a good price comes up on Ebay for the same camera or a step up.  Mine is only 3.2 megapixels, so I can’t really get good prints above 5″x7″.  But looking at cameras has made me want a good one even more and I’m longing for an SLR.  All of that means that I’ve done nothing about replacing or repairing my camera.  Blech.

Day 227

Grandma and Evelyn.

Day 226

The dogwood is turning purple and the goldenrod is out in force.

Day 225

And the work continues…

Day 224

My aunt is having a shed built at her house.

Day 223

Look at my pale English baby!  Interestingly, my English husband is always the least pale of us.  But he does have the knobbliest knees.