Monthly Archives: February 2009

Day 13

It’s melting! It’s melting!

Day 12

This is Zora.  I was extra tired today and didn’t put any effort into the Project.  Sorry.

Day 11

This is Bodmin.  The Beast of Bodmin Moor.  She is a very naughty cat.

Day 10

While discussing the shortcomings of the prior homeowner’s plumbing knowledge with his son-in-law (our landlady’s husband), the son-in-law stated, “He may not have been a good plumber, but he was one heck of a carpenter.”

The lack of right angles and flush joints leads me to believe otherwise, so I bit my tongue and walked away.

Day 9

At least the sun came out today.

Day 8

This is Weston.  He loves to go snow diving.

Day 7

Evelyn has learned how to tow her own sled around.  Though she also spent a portion of the day shouting “DOG” and trying to get him to pull it.  I think, perhaps, she liked the dog sled races more than we thought.