Monthly Archives: February 2009

Day 6

We went to watch the dog sled races this morning.  It surprises me that the racing dogs are so scrappy looking (though obviously well cared for and in great shape), that they aren’t big and hairy, and that they curl up like squirrels in these tiny boxes.

Day 5

I meant to take some photos at the SPCA today, but when we were actually there I was worried the flash would bother the animals. So you get the wood stove at my parents’ house instead. The silvery thing above it is a duct system that can be used to draw excess heat down to warm the basement.

Day 4

Look at how big my baby is!

Day 3

Do I really need to say anything about this?

Day 2

I cannot begin to describe the incredible jealousy I feel for people beginning to experience British springtime.  Spring that starts in February!  I know it’s running a bit late for them this year, but look at what I was photographing last year on February 10th.

This year, on the 17th, you cannot see the grass in my yard.  Though the sun is high enough to start melting the snow even on days when the temperature doesn’t rise above freezing.  And those little drips and splashes mean that spring is on its way.  Even if we are supposed to get more snow tomorrow.

Day 1

Evelyn had her first go at finger painting this morning.


Last August my camera broke, I lost steam and I quit the Project.  I could have picked it up again, I could have borrowed a camera and kept going, but I didn’t.

And I regret it.  My photography skills improved so much during the nine months I was working on the project.  I found new ways of looking at things and I had an actual hobby to work on.  Since I quite, I’ve found myself picking up my camera less and less.

So I’m starting from scratch, on this random date and hope to complete the entire project over the next year.