Monthly Archives: March 2009

Day 43

Wait…you don’t have a drawer full of rocks in your front hallway?

Day 42

Evelyn won a new toy at a Chinese auction this week.  She likes it.

Day 41

My dog has springs.

Day 40

Not only is it alive, it’s colorful!

Day 39

We went to a dinosaur installation at a small art gallery associated with SU.  I didn’t get it.  I don’t get a lot of “art”.  But Evelyn got to make a dinosaur sculpture to help the artist’s “research”.  I assisted her.

This is the guy’s website:

Day 38

This is where we take the dog walking.  One day soon it will be green.  And full of ticks.

Day 37

The highlight of my day.  We’re getting my parents’ mail while they’re traveling, so there’s almost alway something in there.

(Pssst, do you think the people driving down my street thought I was a bit odd for photographing my mailbox?)