Day 22

So, some people think that the self-portrait assignment really needs to either include your face and eyes (as a representation of self).  So I thought I’d try it out.  This is me, dreaming of the sleep I haven’t had in about a year and a half.

I just desaturated it to make it black and white, so I’m not entirely sure why I’m missing so much detail on my left check (right side of pic).  Maybe because I shot it in the dark?  I think my ISO was only 500.  Hmmmm.  Any thoughts?

2 responses to “Day 22

  1. I like it. Was it in color originally? What did you use to edit the photo? I think a little blur/lack of detail lends reality. We don’t always see/notice all the details (at least not consciously). Plus you could go all philosophical about how it represents your hidden side or inner self? lol

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