Monthly Archives: May 2009

Day 104

We’re ready to go!  In the morning we’ll on our way to Assateague for a week of camping.

Day 103

Dandelion season 1 is over.  I’m sure season 2 is just around the corner.

Day 102

I think it looks like she’s missing her nose.

Day 100

Lilacs in my house…mmmmm

Day 99

How many arch-nemeses are you allowed?  I think blackflies and mosquitoes will fall into my allotment.

(Psst, they love black and that’s the color of my camera.  Guess who has a nice welt on the middle of her forehead right now.)

Day 98

Grandpa took us out for a boat ride.  Evelyn helped take this photo.  She loves cameras.

Day 97

I make an awful houseguest.  And I nearly forgot to take a photo!

Day 96

What a lazy deer.  Just laying around in the shade.  Shouldn’t she be mowing the lawn or something.

Day 95

She’s out for a drive.

Day 94

I also love bleeding hearts.