Monthly Archives: July 2009

Day 157

Pretty purple hosta flower.

Day 156


Day 155

Too bad the ant is exactly the same color as his ant hill.

Day 153

Evelyn checks in on her little cousin to make sure she doesn’t need anything.

Day 151

What does it mean when your dog falls asleep in his dinner dish?

Day 150

Evelyn loves the jam.  But she does need to work on her manners.

Day 149

Yesterday was Gavin’s birthday and, as sausages are his favorite food, I made some for him.  The ones in the back are Lincolnshire and the ones in the front use the same base spice blend, but have thyme and parsley instead of sage.  They taste pretty good.

Day 143

See that stump?  It’s not there anymore.  We ground it out.

Day 141

Pretty bad self-portrait.

Day 136

You shouldn’t take pictures while driving because they never turn out well.  This was a gorgeous sunset.  Oh yeah, and it’s really unsafe.  That too.