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Day 11

This is Bodmin.  The Beast of Bodmin Moor.  She is a very naughty cat.

Day 114

The cats and dog were picked up this morning for the drive down to Gatwick.  It will be nearly 36 hours before they arrive at their final destination, thanks to a required overnight at the Detroit airport.  None of them have ever stayed in a kennel before, so I hope it won’t all be too traumatic for them.  The little jet-setters.

Day 94

Evelyn wants to be a professional wrestler when she grows up. Here she is, practicing with the cat.

Day 90

An equal opportunity face shot of Bodmin?  Life is feeling slightly less bad today, so I’m going to make a real effort to get back into the swing of finding interesting things to photograph.

Day 72

Finally, a photo of the elusive Zoe.  She doesn’t like people very much (other than Gavin), so she tends to stay by herself in a bedroom.

Day 57

Evelyn learned how the cat flap worked this evening.  This encounter with a rather possessed looking Bodmin followed shortly after.

Day 26

Bodmin again. Sleeping in the rocking chair.