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Day 148

This is what I had for dinner.  It was goooooood.

Day 136

MORE demolition in the city.

Day 134

Castle Park at lunchtime.

Day 132

Lovely “bistro” isn’t it?

Tom’s Tucker has moved up in the world since we moved to this house.  It used to just be a burger van.  Now he has little tables outside and even a few seats inside.  Go Tom!

Day 129

We went on a snack run to the Co-op after dinner.

(I hate taking photos inside shops, I think this is my first one.  They had a notice posted on the door of the Tops on Grand Island stating that you weren’t allowed to take any photos or videos inside.  Because of that, I think I’m paranoid I’ll get in trouble.)

Day 115

This is College Green, on the left is the end of our council building.  By lunchtime the whole park will be full of kids from the college down the street.  Note the golden unicorn on the roof of the council building, I’ve read they’re indigenous to Bristol.

Day 108

This is a two way road in Clifton in Bristol.  I’m not sure if you can tell, but there is definitely not room for two cars to pass.  Nor is there anywhere to pull over to let anyone pass you.  If you meet head on, one of you has to reverse the whole way down the street.  If you meet someone head on and you have cars behind you…yuck.  I’m glad I don’t drive here and I must applaud my friend, Liz’s, driving skills in these neighborhoods.