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May 29, 2010

I’m a dork.  So is he.

Day 223

Look at my pale English baby!  Interestingly, my English husband is always the least pale of us.  But he does have the knobbliest knees.

Day 207

Evelyn had her 12 month checkup today and because we have such fabulous health insurance our nearest doctor was almost 45 minutes away.  We got to the town early and stopped to play on the playground.  She wasn’t this happy after her four immunizations.

Day 198

Gavin has been filling the wood shed since my father is still ouchy from his surgery.

Day 186

Gavin.  Cheerful, as always.  (Sorry, forgot to take a photo until bedtime again.)

Day 169

Today was Gavin’s 31st birthday.  I made him a Mississippi Mud Cake.  Mmmmmm.

Day 162

Gavin suffers the wrath of the of the gnats.