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Day 221

This is the bridge over the Black River on Rt 28.  Aren’t American routes ginormous?


Day 219

*@&#!  This is the second time I’ve cracked my LCD screen.  I dropped it out of the van in its semi-rigid case, no idea exactly how the damage occured.  Now I have to buy a new screen and fix it.  Blech.

Day 216

Gavin and I went on another date.  Our dates are very exciting these days and consist of leaving Evelyn at home in bed, with my parents listening for her to wake up, while we go get gas station “cappucino” and walk around by the water.

Day 214


Day 208

My father, playing with a leaf blower and fire.

Day 200

Ok, today is August 13th.  Do you see the trees starting to change across the lake?  What about the smoke coming out of that chimney?  What’s going on man?  Rain every day and now the leaves are changing, fires burning and we even turned the furnace on for a bit this morning.  Some summer this is.

Day 185

On our way home from the interview we stopped in to see a few of my old co-workers.