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Day 8

This is Weston.  He loves to go snow diving.

Day 197

The water is the same color as the sky.  Funny that when both are grey it’s not nearly as striking as the bright blue waters and skys in the Caribbean or Mediterranean.

Day 175

Evelyn had a rough few days this week.  Here she is lamenting that her tantrums weren’t working out the way she planned.

Day 166

That’s my dog.

Day 154

Look!  I have a dog again.

We have finally arrived at my parents’ house.

Day 113

This is the last photo of Weston you’re going to see for a while as he left for the US this morning (Tuesday). He thoroughly enjoyed his last walk yesterday, but I bet he’ll be excited beyond belief when he realizes he’s living at camp for a couple months! Woods, a lake, a sunny deck, other dogs…what more can a dog want?

Day 106

Evelyn and Weston both had a rough morning at the vet’s office. Weston had lights shined in his eyes and Evelyn stole a cat toy off a display while she was riding on my back, then broke it when I tried to take it. I suppose that earns them a nap.

Day 103


Day 95

Sorry, it’s more than a little uninspired. But it’s all you’re getting.

Day 89

Weston has uveitis and couldn’t open his eyes on Thursday night or Friday.  Friday morning we went to the vet and they put dye in his eyes (the faint orange stain on his face) to check for scratches.  He’s getting better, but they’re not sure if he’s going to be able to fly back to the US as scheduled in three weeks.