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March 16, 2010

It got up to 60°F today and we spent 4 hours outside playing in the mud.

Day 31

Not the greatest picture, but I like the weird light in this one.

Day 27

Evelyn refuses to give up on the sled.

Day 15

Ok, not the greatest picture I know.  Forgive me, it was only about 8°F outside and my fingers were freezing.  But do you know what it is?  Do you?  It’s a picture of buds on a tree!

(Hopefully buds that can survive 8°F temperatures.)

Spring is coming!

Day 2

I cannot begin to describe the incredible jealousy I feel for people beginning to experience British springtime.  Spring that starts in February!  I know it’s running a bit late for them this year, but look at what I was photographing last year on February 10th.

This year, on the 17th, you cannot see the grass in my yard.  Though the sun is high enough to start melting the snow even on days when the temperature doesn’t rise above freezing.  And those little drips and splashes mean that spring is on its way.  Even if we are supposed to get more snow tomorrow.