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Day 28

We went to the zoo this morning and Delta Lake Reservoir State Park this afternoon.  We thought we’d be able to take a nice walk, but everything is still too snowy around here.

(The town of Delta is in the bottom of this lake, it was flooded out in 1911.)

Day 26

Evelyn and Weston wave bye-bye to Daddy every morning when he leaves for work.

Day 17

I wish it would stop snowing.

Day 7

Evelyn has learned how to tow her own sled around.  Though she also spent a portion of the day shouting “DOG” and trying to get him to pull it.  I think, perhaps, she liked the dog sled races more than we thought.

Day 3

Do I really need to say anything about this?

Day 2

I cannot begin to describe the incredible jealousy I feel for people beginning to experience British springtime.  Spring that starts in February!  I know it’s running a bit late for them this year, but look at what I was photographing last year on February 10th.

This year, on the 17th, you cannot see the grass in my yard.  Though the sun is high enough to start melting the snow even on days when the temperature doesn’t rise above freezing.  And those little drips and splashes mean that spring is on its way.  Even if we are supposed to get more snow tomorrow.